A RESIDENT was left shocked when he returned home from his mother’s funeral to find his door had been broken into and he was locked out of his flat.

Neil Carter of Stretford House in Chapel Lane, has been in dispute with his landlord at Trafford Housing Trust (THT) for some time to change his front door.

Although THT were aware his front door needed changing due to security issues, Mr Carter was not happy with the door that was offered to him. The 52-year-old wanted a FD60 fire door, which allows residents optimum protection against fires up to 60 minutes. However he says that THT were only willing to offer him a FD30 fire door, shortening his chances to survival in a fire.

Despite the dispute and after countless correspondence with the trust, Mr Carter said they went ahead and changed the door without his permission.

He said: “I’ve returned home from a funeral after burying my dear beloved mother to find they have broken into my front door and I have been locked out of my own home by THT.

"The door has been changed without my permission or consent to a lesser and insufficient FD30 front door - I now find this replacement door they have forced on me is not fit properly.”

Mr Carter said he has checked other doors in the building that also do not meet regulations. He said he is extremely concerned and worried about his and the other residents' safety in the flat.

In response to Mr Carter's complaint, THT said that they have reviewed the safety of Stretford House since the Grenfell disaster, including making sure that every resident’s door was fully compliant with fire safety regulations. To do this correctly involved being allowed access to every flat.

They said: “Despite repeated requests to be allowed access to Mr Carter’s flat to inspect his door, he continually refused to allow us entry.

“After taking legal advice, and considering the safety of other residents in Stretford House which the Trust is responsible for, a decision was therefore made to forcibly enter Mr Carter’s flat. This resulted in the front door being damaged, and it was replaced immediately with a new, fully compliant door which was fitted correctly.

“Having not been aware that Mr Carter was going to be absent from the property before attempting to enter it, we also left instructions and messages for him regarding how he could collect new keys from within Stretford House, allowing him immediate access to his home.

“We have subsequently been made aware that the Trust’s actions, which were undertaken to ensure the safety of all tenants in Stretford House, has caused Mr Carter some distress.

“We have offered Mr Carter the chance to meet the Trust’s chief executive and board members to discuss the incident. So far Mr Carter has not responded to this invitation, but we will continue to offer him the opportunity to engage with the Trust to resolve any issues he may have.”