TRAVELLERS were reported as having moved on to Walton Park in Sale this morning(Monday).

The two vans were parked close to houses and on the playing field close to where there is a mini-railway track.

Reactions to their arrival on social media was mixed, with concern expressed about how they managed to get onto the field through a padlocked barrier.

One woman said: "They were (previously) on the Firsway field and convinced everyone they were on holiday from France and returning via London....see they haven't got far."

Another said: "They only stayed a few days at Firsway and didn't leave a mess or cause trouble. Hopefully they'll do the same at the park."

One man said: "Hold on to the mini railway tracks." while another objected: "Leave em alone. Stereotyping and making them out to be a nuisance, what have they done wrong?

A woman replied: "They have broken the law by setting up a caravan illegally on a public park."

Another woman added: "As long as they don't cause a nuisance or leave a mess just leave them be. Where I grew up we had masses of travellers and they caused a lot of trouble and left mess and public damage, if there's only two caravans and they're friendly just let them be."

A Trafford Council spokesman said: "The council is aware that travellers are currently residing in Walton Park.  A joint assessment with the police is underway and any further action will be taken once this is complete."