THE summer holidays promise to be an exciting experience as Captain Barnacles Bear and the Octonauts crew team up for another underwater adventure

This summer, CBeebies’ most intrepid ocean explorers will be inviting younger children and their families to become honorary recruits of the Octonauts crew and join their special mission to uncover the secret world of glow in the dark sea creatures.

Young adventurers will also have the opportunity to meet the real life Captain Barnacles and Lieutenant Kwazii, as they become Octo-Glow Explorers in Shellington’s Octo-Glow Lab, from July 22 to September 3, at the Trafford Centre's Sea Life.

Visitors will also have the chance to continue their voyage of discovery at Jurassic Ranger; the new for 2017 exhibit. Learn how the prehistoric beasts of the ocean have lived on in their descendants, and interact with some of the most powerful predators that once roamed our seas.