AUDIO branding company PHMG is aiming to raise more than £50,000 for charities this year.

And the Old Trafford-based company, which specialises in creating targeted marketing messages for businesses, seems to be well on course to surpass its fundraising goals having already raised over £28,000.

Staff at the firm have been organising and taking part in a wide range of events to help raise this money.

“Raising £50,000 is an ambitious target but we believe our employees’ dedication and enthusiasm will help us achieve this goal,” said Chris Berisford, PHMG Foundation Trustee.

“If anything, the mammoth target has made staff more determined as they are constantly coming up with ideas for more unusual and remarkable events throughout 2017.”

Taking place under the company’s official charity, PHMG Foundation, recent activities have included a marathon and the Christie Tower Run, a race up 46 floors at Manchester’s Beetham Tower.

A Mount Snowdon climb in the moonlight, a triathlon and a six peak challenge are just some of the events planned by staff in the coming weeks.

As with previous years, the company has offered to match the donation if the target is met by staff.

PHMG has taken part in more than 150 events in the last four years raising more than £150,000 for almost 50 different charitable organisations.

Donations in 2017 will go to charities around the globe, including the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Elmy’s Special Society, St Clare Hospice and Toronto Humane Society.

Following the tragedy of the Manchester terrorist attack, staff from all offices also raised £32,582 for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

PHMG has offices in Manchester, London and Chicago with almost 30.000 clients in 39 different countries.