THE son of one of Manchester United's most famous former players arrived to the acclaim of hundreds of adoring fans.

Although panned by the critics, Brooklyn, the 18 year old son of David, appeared at a ticket only signing of the book What I See, at Selfridges in the Trafford Centre on Friday.

What I See is a series of snapshots of the teenager's life with each chapter telling a different story through pictures by and of Brooklyn, accompanied by captions and passages of text in his own words.

The Guardian review said of the book: "In case you missed this one, David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest has a new book of his photos out, and the early reception has not been altogether kind. Entitled “What I See”, it is published by Penguin Random House, and comprises a selection of 18-year-old Brooklyn’s allegedly iconic photographs, accompanied by self-penned captions.

"Thus far, critical attention has centred particularly on a couple. Exhibit A: a photo of an elephant, taken in shadow, giving us a clear view of the sunlit background but not a lot else, and glossed with the words: “so hard to photograph but incredible to see.” And Exhibit B: something captioned: “i like this picture – it’s out of focus but you can tell there’s a lot going on.”

"Thankfully, we have moved beyond the brutal era where most of these snaps would have earned an oval quality-control sticker from Boots advising “hold camera steady” or “subject too close”.

Despite the review, however, it did not keep the crowds away from the Trafford Centre after they waited in turn to buy their copies and have selfies taken with the pin-up boy Brooklyn.