SHOULD the proposed closure of the George Carnall Leisure Centre go ahead this will halve the public indoor sports opportunities in the Urmston, Flixton and the Davyhulme area.

As there appears to be no prospect of the Urmston Leisure Centre having its sporting facilities increased, the closure of the George Carnall will force many clubs and other organisations, who use the centre, to find alternative venues.

And whilst Stretford, Sale and Chorlton have leisure centres, they are already committed to other sports, and travelling to them via the very busy roads, particularly early evening, could be a problem.

There has been no attempt by either Trafford Borough Council or Trafford Leisure to contact any of the clubs at the George Carnall to inform them of the closure of the centre, nor have they kept these clubs kept informed with the changing date of the closure.

No offer of assistance by Trafford Borough Council or Trafford Leisure has been made to assist clubs in obtaining other venues.

No reason has been given as to why the centre is to be closed, there is a lot of speculation but nothing factual and If they close the centre are there any plans at all to build on the site, and if so, what?

By this total lack of communication the borough council and Trafford Leisure are causing both confusion and insecurity.

This is just what we have been told by the staff at the George Carnall, but as the date keeps on changing, I can't be certain. This is just one of the problems - no concrete information from TBC or Trafford Leisure but now staff are saying instead of closing in September or December it will close next March!!

Gillian Prideaux

Secretary Trafford Sword Club

I HAVE signed the petition to protest against the closure of George Carnall Leisure Centre. I go to the gym three times a week and do not drive.

It is directly on the 256 bus route. Trying to get there by bus from Towns Gate involves much more of a walk but that is not the biggest issue.

I do not believe that facilities at Urmston will be sufficient to serve the needs of the existing customers and the George Carnall customers added together.

The classes at George Carnall also seem to be well subscribed and the centre also provides other services for the community like karate tournaments, antique sales etc.

The have already closed William Wroe Golf Course as well. I think it is a very poor show.

Dave Marney

Dunster Drive

M41 6WR