ROCK drummer Simon Wolstencroft will be in returning to his home town of Altrincham for a book signing on Saturday, June 3.

Simon, who was drummer with post-punk band The Fall for 11 years, will be at Waterstone’s, George Street, signing copies of his memoir, ‘You can drum but you can’t hide,’ an updated version of the book which was first published in 2014.

The book covers a career of music making and touring and it includes accounts of his association not just with The Fall but with other legendary Manchester bands,The Smiths and Stone Roses.

Messenger Newspapers:

The Fall. Back row: l to r Steve Hanley, Simon Wolstencroft, Marcia Schofield, Craig Scanlon. Front row l to r Brix Smith, Mark E Smith

His career in music goes back to his school days. Simon formed his first band the Patrol with colleagues and friends Ian Brown and John Squire when they were students in Altrincham Grammar School, but he left that band before it morphed into Stone Roses.

He had decided to go with a promising group called Freak Party but Wolstencroft was not happy when fellow band members Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke invited Steven Morrissey to join them.

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Simon signing copies of his new memoir

So Simon left the band shortly before it went on to win fame as The Smiths.

It was only after walking out of two celebrity bands that Simon went on to win fame of his own with The Fall.

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Cover of Simon's new book You Can Drum But You Can't Hide, which he will be signing in Altrincham on June 3.

He had been playing in a support group called ‘The Weeds’ when The Fall’s leader Mark Smith fell out with Fall drummer Karl Burns and asked Simon to step in.

Simon Wolstencroft currently plays in a band called The G-O-D, which he formed with Chris Bridgett of Dub Sex fame in 2015.

Messenger Newspapers:

The G-O-D

The G-O-D have been invited to support The Stone Roses at Wembley Stadium on June 17, which means that Simon and his Altrincham Grammar School mates will be playing at the same concert together for the first time in over 30 years.

The book signing will take place in Waterstones, George Street, Altrincham on Saturday 3 June, from 1.30-3.30pm.