TRAFFORD Liberal Democrats say action needs to be taken to curb refuse build-up across the borough after a pile of tree cuttings were set on fire in a Stretford park.

On Saturday May 8, a fire broke out in Longford Park behind the scout hut, shortly before 6pm.

Fire crews were called and they managed to control the fire, preventing damage to adjacent buildings.

The fire service, who were at the scene for around one hour, said that tree cuttings had been set alight, resulting in the blaze.

Although it is unclear if the cuttings were from the trees within the park or the result of fly-tipping, Trafford Liberal Democrats claim that more needs to be done to prevent refuse from building up.

And they fear that dumping of garden waste will become more commonplace with the introduction of the council-implemented charge next month.

Dr Anna Fryer, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Stretford and Urmston, said: “Trafford residents have suffered a five per cent increase in their council tax and now are being asked for another £40 a year to collect garden waste.

“Residents are angry that they are effectively paying more for less.

“We are calling for the council to scrap the green bin stealth tax and get better value for money.

“The fire at Longford Park could have been much more serious and we are grateful to the fire service for getting the fire under control quickly to minimise risk to people and property. This service as a wake-up call to Trafford council to sort out waste services in Trafford.”

One Trafford said it takes the removal of fly-tipping and emptying letter bins very seriously.

A spokesperson for the One Trafford Partnership said: “We are aware that the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service responded to a fire at the Longford Park yard and we would like to thank them for their quick response in putting the fire out.

“A team were deployed following the fire to make the area safe and we are doing all we can to remove waste as quickly as possible.

“Removing fly-tipping and emptying litter bins is a job that we take extremely seriously and we are committed to ensuring Trafford remains a clean and attractive place for residents to live, learn, work and relax.

“We also continually review the frequency in which litter bins are emptied to ensure they are emptied quickly. A new collection schedule was recently rolled out; with high use litter bins across the borough now being emptied more frequently.

“Trafford Council anticipates that the introduction of green waste charging will not see a rise in green waste fly tipping given the experience of the many other local authorities that have already implemented similar schemes.

“On average, we empty over 870 litter bins a day and in the last 12 months we have responded to over 3,200 cases of fly-tipping; removing over 317 tonnes of fly-tipped waste.

"Anyone who sees fly-tipping or a litter bin that needs emptying can report it online at or by calling 03330 035865.”