THE mother of a Bollin Primary pupil is concerned that teachers who allegedly held an out of hours party in the headteacher's office have been allowed back to school, before an investigation has been completed.

Seven teachers were suspended after a video emerged which appeared to show teachers and parents having a party in the headteacher's office at the troubled school, in February.

On April 18 five of the teachers returned to work, although an investigation into the incident is still being carried out.

But a mother of a pupil - who does not want to be named - believes they should not have been allowed back until it was concluded.

The mum is concerned that the parents and teachers had access to sensitive and confidential information about pupils, such as safeguarding records, while they were in the office.

She says when she was at a meeting on Monday morning with members of the then board of governors, they saw that filing cabinets containing the confidential files were not locked.

She wants an independent inquiry into the incident. She believes that it needs to be investigated whether there has been a breach of the Data Protection Act.

She said: "I am concerned that this hasn’t been investigated by an independent body and the teachers are being welcomed back before the investigation, has concluded."

Cllr Brian Rigby, the chairman of the school's interim executive board, said: "People have to trust the governing board. The inquiry is still ongoing.”

He said the parent was entitled to her opinion that the teachers should not have returned until the inquiry was completed but the decision for the teachers to come back “was the decision of the interim executive board.”

He continued: “We have employed an experienced investigator to carry out the investigation. People are making allegations that cannot be substantiated.

“I would ask parents to contact me with any issues, though the school.”

Messenger reported recently that an emergency Ofsted inspection described the school as in 'tatters' and broken'.

Former headteacher, Michelle Brindle, has now formally left the troubled school. A new headteacher, Kylie Spark, has taken the reins.