A DEBT crisis summit has been organised in Altrincham to help hard pressed businesspeople.

The summit is being held at the town based insolvency practice Lines Henry, in an attempt to reduce debt related suicides and breakdowns.

It follows the recent revelation that Altrincham and Hale were dubbed the 'debt capital of Britain'.

The information was revealed by search engine Google, which revealed that people living in the two affluent areas had made more online enquiries about short-term high-interest payday loans than anywhere else in Britain.

The summit will be organised by the Campaign for Awareness of Mental Illness Among Debtors (CAMIAD), which advises professionals across a broad range of disciplines how to signpost individuals on for the appropriate counselling or medical treatment.

Lines Henry director Neil Henry said: “It may well have come as a surprise to many people to learn that Altrincham, which is thought to be a prosperous area of Trafford, has more people than anywhere else in the country trying to find out more about payday loans.

Mr Henry explained that the revelation meant there was no stereotypical person when it came to money worries.

He added: "It is important to remember that you cannot judge a person’s financial position by looking at what car they have or how big their house is.

“You need to look below the surface at how all these things are paid for and whether or not they are actually affordable.

"Money worries are not confined to those on low incomes but also those on higher incomes who may have made poor decisions on how to manage their money.”

The summit is being held on September 26, at the practice’s head office in Altrincham at Tabley Court, Victoria Street.

To book a place or seek additional information contact Lisa McAllister 0161 929 1905.