A STRETFORD animal rescue centre is urging residents to think carefully before taking on a rabbit as a pet.

The Society for Abandoned Animals fundraiser Laura Messenger said rabbits’ cute, fluffy appearance belies the fact they are quite high maintenance and many are given up when their owners no longer want responsibility for their care.

Vet bills can be costly and living for up to 12 years, they require a lot of cleaning and feeding.

Laura added: “People think of rabbits as very cuddly – but actually most rabbits panic when their feet leave the floor – as prey animals they think they’re about to become lunch!”

Rabbits are also happier in pairs as they are very sociable animals and for the right person, they can make loyal and entertaining pets.

Laura said: “Each has their own unique personality and quirks and getting to know them is wonderful.”

The SAA is holding a Rabbit Care Day event on Sunday September 7 from 11am to 4pm at the sanctuary.

Advice on all aspects of bunny care, from hutches to grooming, feeding and bonding will be available.

Existing owners can bring their rabbits for low cost vaccinations, claw clipping and free health checks and can meet some of the ones in the SAA’s care.

Ring 0161 973 5318 for appointments or visit saarescue.co.uk for more information.