THE Exam Results Helpline is open from 8am tomorrow to provide advice and support to students picking up GCSE results.

Careers advisers are ready to provide impartial guidance to students who are unsure what to do next.

John Carberry, a careers adviser who has worked for the service for more than 25 years, said: “A lot of the young people we speak to often aren’t aware of any other options available to them apart from their school’s sixth form.

"In some cases sixth form isn’t the ideal progression for students as the leap from GCSE to A-level studies can be significant and very challenging.

"That’s where we come in – to guide each individual on what’s best for them.”

The Exam Results Helpline – 0808 100 8000 - has been open for 6 days and has already helped more than 5,000 students.

If you are getting your results tomorrow and you want to talk to someone impartially and confidentially, you can call 0808 100 8000 or find the Exam Results Helpline on Twitter or Facebook.