AN Altrincham tyre chain has accused council bosses of turning their backs on the best interests of established businesses and workers in their £70 million flagship plans for the redevelopment of the town centre.

ATS Euromaster has launched the criticism after claiming it had been 'unfairly excluded' from the multi-million pound Altair redevelopment discussions involving both Trafford Council and the developer Nikal. The firm's Oakfield Street site is currently under a compulsory purchase order.

The new redevelopment which includes retail, leisure, office and residential, has been a decade in the making.

ATS Euromaster estates manager Rhys Jenkins said: "We have fought long and hard to stay where we are, or to be incorporated into the new plans. For some reason, unknown to us, we are being ignored. The council wish to see a mix of uses on the site but for some reason refuse to see us as part of that mix."

The firm has already rejected three 'out of town' sites at Canal Road, Timperley, Atlantic Street, Broadheath and Booth Road, Sale, because it deems them as 'extremely unsuitable' locations on industrial estates and without retail frontages.

Mr Jenkins added: "Trafford Council has informed ATS Euromaster that it is under no obligation to assist local businesses which are under a CPO.

"Surely, it's madness that the needs of local motorists and businesses, plus the full time employment of five skilled technicians are being overlooked in a project billed as something that will regenerate the area."

"The lack of a concrete timeline from the council and the developer had left us uncertain about the future of the centre for many years. Now we are set to lose our current premises, we are urging the council to see sense and include us in the new plans."

Trafford Council said the Altair scheme was an important regeneration project for Altrincham and one which when complete would be key to the town's future prosperity.

A Trafford Council spokeswoman said the developer had to go through the independent planning process which considers all aspects of the submitted development plans, before approval is given.

She explained: "The formal CPO process has now been completed and the council said while it had identified possible alternative suitable locations for ATS Euromaster, these had been rejected by the company."

She added: "The council is currently in the process of agreeing compensation with the company."