AN animal charity is appealing for more volunteer puppy socialisers in the North West.

Dogs for the Disabled  currently has 15 volunteers from all over the North West, including Sale, after its first recruitment drive in January.

But now the charity is looking for the next 15 dog lovers to help with the early training of puppies who will go on to become the assistance dogs of the future.

Potential volunteers need to have a secure garden and be able to look after a puppy from eight weeks for up to 12-14 months and attend monthly puppy classes.

They will teach basic skills including lead walking, ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘wait’ and ‘stay’, and introduce the young dog to locations including supermarkets, hospitals, buses and trains to prepare them for their working life.

Dogs for the Disabled currently supports nearly 30 disabled people with assistance dogs in the North West.

To find out more, call Liz Stone on 01295 759827 or email leaving contact telephone numbers.