HIGHLY popular BBC show The Great British Bake Off returned to our screens last week, with almost eight million people tuning in to see this year's batch of culinary hopefuls.

Unfortunately Sale's very own Claire Goodwin was let go by judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, but the 31-year-old speech therapist said she loved every minute of her time on the show.

Claire was in the middle of the pack in the 'technical challenge', when contestants had to bake a swiss roll using a recipe they had never seen before, but buy her own admission she had a 'disaster' in the 'show stopper', when the bakers were asked to make identical, mini cakes.

"I had practiced and perfected that recipe and managed to get the mini cakes all decorated and finished up in the three hours at home.

"But on the day, I think I put too much buttermilk in the recipe and everything just exploded," said Claire.

"I was just pleased to get 36 on the stand.

"Once I'd done that I managed to throw one of them on huge floor as well. It was just a disaster."

Claire said she has had some 'fantastic' comments from people online, but, she was subjected to some abuse from internet 'trolls' who made unkind comments about her weight.

However, Claire decided the best form of defence was humour and she has been praised by the Radio Times for her positive reaction.

The Buck Lane resident said: "I never intended to become a voice for the trolled.

“I initially saw the comments on the internet and was firstly a little taken aback, but then I just felt a bit sad.

“It felt like it needed a reply. It wasn't the foundations of a crusade, just a few notes on how I felt about it.

“It appeared to have struck a chord and if at is something that highlights the issues of online bullying, then we are all the better for it I think.”

Claire said she wouldn't say who she wants to win as she know the outcome and does not want to spoil the show for anyone, but did hint that there are some very funny moments to come.

“They are all exceptional, but you might want to keep an eye out for Jordan, his clothing rocked the tent!”