BUDDING author Vicky Bates has been left devastated after thieves stole the transcript of her book, which has taken her 10 years to write.

The raiders, who broke into her home in Landale Road, Stretford, through a downstairs window last Thursday also stole a black Ford Fiesta car, a 42-inch television, three lap tops, credit cards, a mobile phone and Vicky’s purse.

But the most important items they stole are her pink lap-op, a black Western Digital portable hard drive and a memory stick.

All of them contain the transcript of her book.

“They can keep everything bar my transcript,” said heartbroken Vicky, a 25-year-old barmaid.

“But I desperately want the words for my book back which I have been storing over the past 10 years.

“The book is about a fantasy concerning a prince.

"Obviously, I can remember the gist of the story but not every single word of the book.”

Vicky, who has distributed a heart-felt plea in a leaflet distributed in her neighbourhood asking for help in getting her transcript back, added tearfully: “I appeal to the thieves to send me back the laptop, the hard drive or the memory stick – or the lot.

“They say there is honour among thieves and, if they read this, please show me there is and show me some compassion.

“Please, please don’t destroy ten years of my dedicated work. It means so much to me and I’m sure most right-minded people will agree.

“I am willing to pay a reward to anyone who can get the transcript back to me. They can hand in to the police by any means at their disposal as far as I am concerned.”

Police, who are investigating the crime, have appealed for anyone who witnessed the burglary or anyone acting suspiciously near Vicky’s home to contact them on either 101 or 0800 555111.

They have also urged the public to report if they see the stolen car which has the registration number ME13 FEF.