A BUSKER is planning to sue police for loss of earnings after he was moved on while performing in the centre of Sale.

Barry Jackson, 48, who is a professional singer and flautist, has complained to both Greater Manchester Police and the Independent Police Complaints Commission about his treatment a fortnight ago on School Road.

A petition of support has also been started by people in Sale, who he says have enjoy listening to him over a number of years.

Mr Jackson, who is classically trained, sings everything from Frank Sinatra to Michael Buble to Luciano Pavarotti.

He said he was approached by a PCSO after a complaint a had been made about someone singing and dancing.

He explained: "While I sing I definitely don't dance, but at the time there was a lady doing something similar, but who had nothing to do with me. However, the PCSO chose to single me out calling me both a beggar and vagrant

"I told her that she was clearly misrepresenting the law in this regard, as I am not a beggar and take personal offence to her suggestion

"She then tried to say I was causing an obstruction, but I am always very careful where I stand."

Mr Jackson, from Walkden, who studied music at Salford College of Music, said he felt his complaint to police in Altrincham had not been addressed because of the vexed issue of loss of earnings and he was now taking legal advice on the next course of action.

He added: "When I busk, I normally stay all day but after this incident I left after singing for 45 minutes, which meant I lost a few hours of income. I reckon I lost between £30 and £40 and I cannot afford to lose this money.".

A GMP police spokesman said: "We can confirm a complaint was made about officer conduct and they have been advised."

Trafford Council confirmed that for its part it does not issue a specific authorisation for buskers.

A spokeswoman added: "If we are contacted by someone about busking, we advise they should be mindful of shoppers and businesses, be responsible and not cause an obstruction or nuisance. They are also advised to be considerate and move on if asked by a business or the police."