A TEENAGE girl is warning others about the potential dangers hidden within beauty spots after she had to be rescued from ‘quick sand’ by firefighters in Urmston.

The 15-year-old had been with friends at the well-known beauty spot close to the River Mersey, on August 3, when she became trapped.

She said: “I’ve been to the meadows loads of times before and nothing’s ever happened.

“I’ve always known to be careful because I’ve heard about people slipping and tripping but it’s never been anything serious.

"It just looked like normal ground so I ran out over it and obviously found out it wasn’t.

“I would tell other young people to watch where they are going, to follow the trail because I had gone off the trial, and just to be careful because I was not expecting anything like that to happen.”

The girl’s friend called 999 and firefighters from Stretford and Sale went to assist the girl, along with the Water Incident Unit from Eccles, shortly before 4.30pm.

Her mother said: “She was just an innocent girl going for a nice walk not knowing how dangerous it was.

“She didn’t have her phone with her but luckily her friend did.

"It’s horrifying to think what could have happened if she’d have been there longer and I’m so grateful to the firefighters who rescued her.

“I want to urge parents to remind their children not to go near any murky waters, marsh land or muddy areas.

"You may think they are just going for a picnic or to the park but please warn them about the dangers.”

Firefighters visited Urmston meadows on August 4 and put up posters warning about summer safety.

Stretford crew manager, Dave Price, said: “Where this incident was the water rises rapidly – we have seen it at 20ft.

“We hope that by speaking to people in the area and prominently displaying posters that more people will be aware of the hidden dangers and that we can prevent any further incidents like we had on Sunday.

“We managed to get the girl out quickly but she was up to her waist in mud and the water was very cold so it could have been a far more serious outcome.”