THREE teachers from Urmston Grammar School who have 100 years classroom experience between them have retired.

French teacher Christiane Garrett (right) joined what was then Urmston Boys’ Grammar School in 1981, Richard Tighe, Geography teacher and Head of Humanities, started at the Boys’ School in 1984 and Diane Hesford (left), Biology teacher and Director of Science, has spent a remarkable 37 years teaching at UGS. She began teaching at the then Girls’ School in 1977. Perhaps even more remarkably, Diane had previously spent seven years at the school as a student.

The retirees plan to “chill”, “take lots of holidays” and “spend as much time in the garden as possible.' Chistiane Garrett spoke for all of them when she said that it was impossible to a pick out a single highlight, but it had been a pleasure “to teach such bright, talented children” as those who attend Urmston Grammar year after year, generation after generation.

Scores of students past and present arranged, by Facebook, to meet and celebrate the careers of the retiring trio at Wetherspoons in Urmston, and colleagues said their fond farewells at an end-of-term buffet dinner at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel.