BAG it and bin it - that's the message from environmentally aware pupils at Gorse Hill Primary School.

The Stretford schoolchildren signed up for a Trafford Council poster campaign to stop dog fouling near their school.

Pupils joined up with Trafford Council’s environmental improvements team and the campaign group Poo Busters to design the artwork for a gigantic poster warning of the hazards.

Headteacher Lisa Bates said her pupils were very enthusiastic to support the clean-up message.

She said: “Over the course of many discussions, the children all agreed that the one thing they didn’t like about their surroundings was the amount of dog dirt on pavements around the school.

"Not only was this a health hazard, pupils were always trying to avoid treading in it and it was very unpleasant for them.

“Since we tied the banner to the school gates, everything has changed and the environment is much cleaner.”

The initiative is part of Trafford Council’s borough-wide “Be Responsible” drive to change peoples’ behaviour and encourage everyone to clean up after their dogs.