IT’S been a dramatic twelve months for Madeleine Goode from Gilbert Road, Hale – in both senses of the word.

For the 18-year-old former Altrincham Girls Grammar School student, has won a prestigious drama award and has just left for London to attend a six week course at the National Youth Theatre.

In September, she will go to Queen Mary University in London to study English and Drama with the hope of, one day, becoming a professional actor.

Madeleine was given the Greater Manchester Drama Federation award for Best Actress under 21 for playing Anna, the maid, in the Day After the Fair at Altrincham Little Theatre, last September.

She said: “I was away in Prague with friends when my mum called me to tell me I’d got it. “I said ‘Oh No!’ and we all had a drink.

“I had no idea I was even in with a chance!”

What makes her achievement even more remarkable is that she had never appeared on an amateur stage before although, immediately after her Little Theatre appearance, she played the lead in a school production of The Accrington Pals.

The audition for the National Youth Theatre was tough. During a three hour workshop, Madeleine recited a monologue of her choice at an individual audition. She chose an extract from Tennessee Williams’ Orpheus Descending which she learnt and prepared in advance.

“I didn’t think I had done very well because the competition was so high,” she said.

“It was a surprise when they sent an email the following day to say I had been accepted.”

During the next three weeks she will take part in workshops in acting and writing and, for the second three weeks the young actors will practise for a showcase performance, written, directed and performed by them.

Before deciding to become an actor, Madeleine wanted to be a vet but reckons she was too squeamish.