A visitor to Coronation Street got more than she expected today when the doors to Nick’s Bistro opened to reveal her partner down on one knee on the cobbles.

A banner was held up behind him asking the question, “Charlie, will you marry me?” Her answer was yes.

Coronation Street The Tour is open for a limited time and so Keith Monks decided to take advantage of the unique opportunity to surprise his childhood sweetheart, Charlie Acton, by proposing on the cobbles of the nation’s Street.

Keith Monks, 31 from Perth, Australia said: “Charlie is a huge fan of Coronation Street and so I thought it would be a great idea to propose on the tour. I was so happy that it was a surprise for her, it will be a fantastic story to tell our grandkids in the future.”

As the couple currently live in Perth, Australia, Keith enlisted the help of his friends in England and the team at Coronation Street The Tour to make sure the proposal went off without a hitch.

Andy Steele, who was Charlie’s tour guide, made sure that she was the one to open the door to Nick’s Bistro for the grand reveal onto the Street.

Waiting outside the doors were close friends Ellie-May Flannery and her partner Jay Pennington who were holding the banner and Keith who waited with baited breath on one knee.

A crowd of supporters also formed to cheer the couple and congratulate them on their engagement.

Charlie Acton said: “I had absolutely no idea! I am a die-hard Coronation Street fan and this was just brilliant. Even though we live in Australia I never miss an episode. I am so happy.”

The proposal came soon after an announcement from Coronation Street The Tour operator, Continuum Leading Attractions, that the former set now has a wedding license and people can get married inside the Rovers Return.

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