A 12-year-old girl who was threatened with a knife by men burgling her Altrincham home is recovering well, according to her grandmother.

The incident took place at around10.45pm on Sunday, July 6, at her house on Ellesmere Road.

The girl had been staying at her grandmother's house, which backs directly onto her own home, and had gone back to the Ellesmere Road property very briefly to get some pyjamas.

At almost exactly the same time, her father received a call from his other daughter, who had been at a friend's house and needed to be collected.

Several men then entered the unlocked property, discovered the girl in her room, took her mobile phone and one of the offenders put his hand over her mouth and told her to be quiet.

He then told her he had a knife and demanded cash.

The men searched other rooms in the house, before leaving empty handed.

The girl was not harmed in the incident.

The girl's grandmother said: "Her dad had gone to pick her older sister up, ironically, so she'd be safe wouldn't have to walk home on her own and it all happened within that five minute window.

"I've never left her side in 11 years and then this happens."

She said that although her granddaughter is still a little shaken by the incident, she is doing well.

"She's a pretty resilient little thing and she's fine.

"We sent her to school on the Tuesday to try and normalise things and I take her every morning and pick her up at night like I've always done."

She added that while the family is getting on with normal life, it has made her feel more on edge.

"You just don't know who's watching, it's a very distressing thing to happen and it really could happen to anyone."