ALTRINCHAM mother and daughter, Nicky and Nesha Fisher, are taking on a 5K challenge in memory of two of Nicky’s triplet daughters, who both died of congenital heart defects.

Nicky fell pregnant in 1992 with two identical twins and another baby girl, however, both the twin girls were diagnosed with Univentricular Heart Disorder – meaning that they had only developed one ventricle instead of two.

The defect was too much for one of the twins, Lily, and she stopped developing during pregnancy.

But in 1993, Nicky gave birth to Shaunna, the other identical twin and Nesha, the single, healthy baby.

Despite countless surgeries and trips to the hospital, Shaunna died one month before her third birthday, having suffered from mitral atresia, pulmonary stenosis and multi septal defect (holes in the heart), as well as the Univentricular Heart Disorder.

In the year that all three girls would have been 21, Nicky, who works as a research nurse at Salford Royal Hospital, said: “We are trying to raise funds and awareness as heart problems are much more common than people realise – we want to highlight how precious the heart is and how important it is to keep it healthy.

“We also want to raise awareness that heart problems can happen from birth.”

Nesha has just finished her law degree at Coventry University and is hoping to continue her studies by undertaking a master’s degree and a Legal Practice Course.

She said: “I’m taking part with my mum in memory of my sisters, I want people to understand how important it is to keep your heart healthy and appreciate what they have as some people aren’t so lucky.”

Returning to Heaton Park for a second year, SUBWAY Helping Hearts Family 5K takes place on July 20, between 12pm and 3pm.