MORE than 70 people have signed a petition to stop houses being built on green space in Sale.

Such is the weight of local feeling against plans to build five house on the area of land between Cherry Lane and Rothesay Crescent, that ward councillors have ‘called in’ the application to be determined by Trafford Council’s planning committee.

Developers Hampstead Land Limited propose to build four three-bedroom semi-detached properties and one three-bedroom detached house on the land, which is currently used as a playing field.

In planning documents submitted to the council’s planning committee, Hampstead said the development will ‘enhance the character of the area’ and the scheme has been designed ‘in conjunction with advice from Cheshire Woodland regarding the existing trees and their root zones’.

But Rothesay Crescent resident, Alec Marshall, said the development would severely impact upon residents if plans are approved.

Mr Marshall said: “Members of the community and residents past and present have used the green for years, whether it be walking dogs, playing football, playing out on, stopping for a chat or just enjoying a bit of open, pleasant green space as they walk along or across the green.

“Without it, the surrounding area will feel less open, less child friendly and severely limit the opportunities for families and children to gather and play out.

“We are determined to do everything we possibly can, to stop this unpopular, unwanted development and protect a well looked after and important green for the residents of today and those of the future.”

Ward councillor, Denise Western, said: “Due to having been contacted by several residents who have raised concerns about these proposals on the grounds of loss of green space and loss of visual amenity, we have called in the application and will make representations to the planning committee on behalf of residents should the planning officer be minded to grant.”