TONY Lloyd, Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner, is supporting measures to repeal youngsters of their crimes when they turn 18.

The Independent Parliamentary inquiry suggested the idea along with several others which look to change how young people are dealt with in the justice system.

If a youth has committed a minor crime but is intent on putting an end to his or her criminal activity, their record can be wiped clean.

The new proposals would also like to see a law that states all children appearing in court must be accompanied by an adult.

Mr Lloyd said: “If a child makes a silly mistake in their youth, they shouldn’t be criminalised for the rest of their lives. We want to see all young people become successful, aspirational members of our communities.

“There is an real need for reform in how the courts and the criminal justice system treat children in this country.”

It is hoped these changes will reduce reoffending in the long run by letting children learn from their mistakes.