AFTER being on her own for around seven years and a few disastrous dates behind her, Theresa Duffy had all but lost hope of finding someone.

But the senior staff nurse, from Sale, decided to give love one last try, and put an advert in Messenger’s Two’s a Company dating page.

Martin Green saw her brief profile while flicking through Messenger’s sister paper The Bury Times and, having never used the dating service before, decided to give her a call.

It was love at first sight and three years down the line, the pair are getting married tomorrow, June 28.

Theresa, who is now 49, said: “I think he was probably just ready to meet someone too, it’s hard when you get into your forties as you don’t go clubbing or anything like that.

“I was starting to give up and I said to my friend ‘I’m going to give it one more go’, and then Martin rang me.”

The couple hit it off instantly, he moved into her Dumber Road home around five months later and Martin, who is 54, proposed in November.

“I’m going to be called Theres-a-green, which has been a nick name all my life,” said the UHSM nurse.

And Theresa has no nerves about the big day, as she feels completely confident she has found her soul mate.

“I just think when you meet the right one nothing is hard work, every day is like a honeymoon,” she said.

“We’re just the same, everyone says we’re like two peas in a pod, there’s nothing I would change about him."