ASHBROOKS, the furniture shop on Washway Road, Sale, celebrated their 125th anniversary on Saturday with an open day.

Matt Clegg who is employed by the Ashbrook family as a salesman ans in the customer services department said: “We had a wonderful response from the public. I lost count of how many came. There wasn’t a moment right up until 5.30 pm when the shop was empty.

“A couple of customers from a long time ago popped in with congratulations cards.”

The company were pleased to hear again and again that whenever people needed furniture they would shop there.

“They like us because we treat them like friends and give them a personal service,” said Matt whose job it is to look after customers both before and after sales.

Throughout the day, Arnold Ashbrook played on his keyboard Beatles songs, wartime favourites and songs from The Seekers.

Matt said: “He played all kinds of stuff but speaking for myself, I heard the music but I was so mesmerized speaking to people, I didn’t have a chance to listen.

“Everyone loved it. We had music and laughter and reminiscing. It was great.

The firm have already received new orders as a result of their special day.