A SALE primary school held its first parents’ careers fair on June 16.

Organised by We Aspire, which provides career-related learning services to primary schools, the event aimed to give Year Six pupils the opportunity to learn about different occupations from each other’s parents.

Since its pilot programme in Sale two years ago, We Aspire has made steady progress and is now running programmes in several primary schools.

Guest speaker, Clive Memott, the chief executive of Greater Manchester Chambers of Commerce, was also present on the day.

Nursel Tok, chief executive of We Aspire, said: “The Aspirations programme is designed to teach children about the world of work using highly interactive group activities and games and also give children opportunity to meet professionals to learn about the real experience of working life.

“This event got parents, employers and schools collaborating together to give children the best possible start to thinking about their futures.”