A STRETFORD sales assistant’s close shave has raised almost £1,000 to help send her terminally-ill friend and her young daughter on a dream trip to Florida.

Tracy Donaghy, 40, who works at B&M in Stretford Mall, has known 36-year-old Becca Parkes for 20 years.

So when Tracy found out that her good friend was drawing up a ‘bucket list’ of things she planned to do before her terminal lung cancer became too severe, she decided to raise as much money as she could to help send Becca her 15-year-old daughter Ambur to Florida.

The sales assistant made the brave decision to have her flowing locks cut off into a number one cut, which up to 100 supporters packed into B&M to watch on Friday, June 13.

And despite the ominous date, it turned out to be a lucky day for all concerned.

Tracy, who lives in Stretford and has worked at B&M for the past five years, said: “I was a bit concerned about it being done that particular day but I needn’t have worried because everything was fine.

“In fact, it exceeded all my expectations.”

Becca said: “I was there to watch the shave because you couldn’t have kept me away.

“Loads of people turned up to see it being done and the shop was absolutely full.

“Tracy didn’t seem at all bothered about having it done and when it was finished I think the new style suited her.

“I’m so grateful for what she has done. She’s a true friend.”