TRAFFORD Labour group has accused the ruling Conservatives of ‘having a problem with women’, following the announcement that its new executive is all male.

Both Trafford’s executive and shadow executive have been reshuffled following the local election last month, with the all members of the Conservative cabinet now being male.

However, Leader of the council and Trafford Conservatives, Cllr Sean Anstee, has hit back, claiming Labour has ‘nothing constructive to say’ and is ‘still smarting from losing the election’.

Chairman of Trafford Labour group, Cllr Sophie Taylor, said: “We call on the council leader to consider whether the composition of his cabinet properly reflects the gender balance of the population of Trafford.

“From where I am standing it looks pale, male and stale.”

Trafford Conservatives currently have 33 councillors, nine of whom are female, while Trafford Labour has 27 councillors, 12 of whom or female, with three women represented on its shadow executive.

Cllr Anstee said: “They also have a cheek considering they have just voted to replace their former female deputy leader with a male deputy leader and have stuck with the same male leader for nearly two decades, conveniently forgetting that Susan Williams has previously led Trafford Conservatives for seven years in the same time period.

“It is offensive to suggest the Conservative party has a problem with women who are represented in senior positions across the administration and I suggest the Labour party start standing up all Trafford residents, once and for all.”