IT was a case of signed, sealed, delivered for an Old Trafford couple as they retired from the post office they have run in the area for 26 years.

Mr and Mrs Ali, 57 and 54, of the Ayres Road branch, retired on Saturday and are looking forward to being able to put their feet up but will miss their customers dearly.

Mrs Ali said: "They're the best in the world.

“We've loved every minute of it and have to say a big thank you to them all.

“They give you energy, you know, they keep you going through the day.”

The couple have a son and daughter who are both doctors and Mrs Ali joked that it was now time to find her son, 26, a wife.

Originally from Pakistan, the couple previously lived in Huddersfield.

Mrs Ali enthused about Old Trafford and told Messenger: "The people in Manchester are really open-minded.

“It’s a diverse city, full of life.”

The couple's last day behind the counter was Saturday June 7.

Loyal customer Frank Mitchell, from Moss Lane West, said the couple were ‘loved by all' and added: “They have done a great service for the community.”

He said: "They have been so happy, kind and helpful to the people of Old Trafford in such a strenuous job. Nobody has a bad word about such a nice couple."