PLANS to build a nursery in Broadheath with capacity for 160 children was unanimously rejected by planning chiefs.

Kids Allowed had planned to build a part one, part two-storey building on the 0.2 heactare site on Manchester Road, which is currently a car park.

The proposal had sought to demolish two arches of a former railway viaduct and reduce the depth of two gardens on the neighbouring Beaconsfield Road, in order to enhance space on the site.

At a planning committee meeting on June 5, councillors expressed particular concern at plans to build a garden for babies and ‘woddlers’ next to the road.

At a meeting on June 5, Cllr Mike Whetton said: “The baby garden is right next to a layby bus stop and I’ve never seen a manned bus with its engine switched off.”

He added: “I get the strong impression this site has been acquired and then they’re trying to make it work for 160 places and I don’t think it works on this site.”

Kids Allowed founder and chief executive, Jennie Johnson, said the nursery would see a £2.5million investment in the area and the creation of jobs, including apprenticeship places for young people.

She said Kids Allowed is third in the Ofsted national league table and provides ‘the very best childcare’ for children and young families.

Cllr Laurence Walsh said he was in no doubt that Kids Allowed is an excellent childcare provider, but he would not let his own children ‘go into a play area that’s as polluted as that.”

All committee members voted against the proposal, contrary to planning officers’ recommendations.