A HALE man is seeking donations for his campaign to save the River Bollin cachment area from an invasion of destructive weeds threatening local wildlife.

Rick Blears, 73, who lives 150 yards from the Bollin in Hale, is joined in his fundraising efforts by his colleague Ruth Shearn, 52, who also works for the Altrincham PR company RMS PR.

The campaign aims to raise money to support BEACON, the volunteer-led action group responsible for removing the foreign weeds, so that the Bollin can be enjoyed by dog walkers and families for years to come.

Rick said: “I’ve been wandering about the Bollin valley for years. It’s a great place to walk. Some of these weeds are very big and very toxic.They can damage and affect your skin for years!”

Rick started the campaign soon after the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs’ (DEFRA) announced that their 3-year funding period for the project was coming to a close.

This funding was being used to buy essential materials and to pay for a full time project officer, but this will soon have to be funded through the indiegogo campaign.

The money raised will go towards obtaining a van and weed-killing chemicals; spray suits, goggles, tools and other spraying equipment to help remove the species of Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, and Himalayan Balsam from the area.

Already Manchester Airport, United Utilities, and the National Trust have been vocal in their support of the campaign, but they are yet to contribute to the fundraising effort.

If you want more information on the campaign or want to donate to the fundraising you can visit the indiegogo page at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bollinnonnatives.