CHILDHOOD sweethearts Roy and Vera Brown celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary last week.

The pair were introduced by Vera’s brother when they were 16 and married four years later in Liverpool on May 29, 1954.

The happy couple, who have lived in Urmston for more than 40 years, marked the milestone with a trip to York with their four children – one of whom travelled from France to be part of the occasion.

Roy and Vera also have nine grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Their youngest child, Wendy Jackson, 46, said her parents, who live on Eeasbrook, were delighted to receive an anniversary card from the Queen.

“If you asked my dad why they’ve been together all his life he’d say it’s because he’s been a yes man all his life,” Wendy joked.

“But they’ve always had a very strong relationship and have always been there for each other.

“We’re a very close family generally, you couldn’t wish for better parents.”