A TRADITIONAL British street party was thrown in Abbey Road, Ashton-Upon-Mersey.

More than 50 neighbours made hundreds of metres of bunting and shared lunch, with many of them meeting for the first time.

The event is part of the Big Lunch, a National Lottery-funded initiative from the Eden Project, which aims to get people across the UK to have tea parties in their communities.

Mark Hayward, the Abbey Road resident who first proposed the event, said: “Everyone really came together to decorate the street with homemade bunting and create a fest for the street to share.”

He added residents were already talking about the next year’s community party.

Nigel Lewis, of Abbey Road, said: “Both my children absolutely loved it.

“I thought nothing would get my son away from the ps3, how wrong I was.”

The event could raise £160 for Sale-based Stockdales, a charity which supports people with learning disabilities.