AN author and life coach for children visited Hale Barns to speak at an event on how to help children to be their best.

Organised by the Big Birthday Appeal, which fundraises for respite care for children with special needs, Naomi Richards also answered parents questions on topics ranging from how to stop sibling squabbling to how to get kids to tidy their rooms without being nagged.

Known as ‘the kids’ coach’, Naomi aims to help children to resolve a wide range of behavioural and emotional issues in an interactive, creative and supportive way.

She is the author of The Parent’s Toolkit and writes for numerous parenting, teenage and women’s magazines.

Suzy Glaskie, co-founder of the Big Birthday Appeal, said: “This was the first time that Naomi had spoken in Manchester and we were very privileged to be able to gain some new insights and practical tips to help our kids to thrive.”