AT their May meeting, members of Hale WI unanimously supported the National Federation of WI’s national resolution to increase organ donation.

Guest speaker at the meeting was Graham Brushett, a heart and kidney transplant patient.

He gave a passionate and inspirational talk about his transplant journey and several WI members also spoke movingly of their own experiences of donating organs and tissue of loved ones.

Liz Smith, Hale WI president, said: “There have been many campaigns to increase organ donation yet three people die every day while waiting for an organ transplant.

“While most people would take an organ if they needed one, this has been slow to translate into registration to offer to be a donor.

“The current evidence indicates that the crucial aspect to increasing donation rates is getting people to start talking, deciding, and then having their wishes respected. Raising awareness even just amongst WI members, their families and friends, brings the potential of thousands of new donors.

“Transplants genuinely do save lives, money and misery – we just need more of them and that’s what WI women throughout the country aim to achieve.”

Janice Taylor, policy manager for New Heart, New Start, based at Wythenshawe Hospital, distributed leaflets giving information on how to register with the Organ Donation Register. For further information telephone: 0161 945 2166.