THE CONSERVATIVE Party retained control of Trafford Council after a closely fought election last Thursday.

The ruling Conservative group retain 33 seats, having lost one seat in Broadheath to the Labour group, but gaining one from the Liberal Democrats in Timperley Ward.

This leaves the Tories with an overall majority of two, as Labour has 27 seats and the Liberal Democrats group has three.

Leader of the Council and Trafford Conservatives, Cllr Sean Anstee, said: “There has been a clear choice in this election, a clear dividing line and the residents of the borough have chosen to support the Conservative party and for that I’m very grateful.”

Labour group leader, Cllr David Acton, said the Labour group was very pleased to win Broadheath and close the gap in Flixton and Davyhulme West, but disappointed not to have taken the council into no overall control.

“We came within 90 votes in Davyhulme West, that’s how close it is in Trafford,” said Cllr Acton.

Indeed, incumbent Cllr June Reilly won the marginal Davyhulme West ward by 83 votes and fellow Conservative incumbent, Cllr Viv Ward, held Flixton by just 39 votes, following a recount.

But the Conservatives managed to take a marginal seat of their own, having taken Timperley from the Liberal Democrats.

Incumbent Neil Taylor was beaten by the Tories’ Nathan Evans by 56 votes.

Trafford Liberal Democrat leader, Cllr Ray Bowker, said he felt ‘mixed emotions’ following the result – disappointment to have lost a seat in Timperley ward, but happy to have held onto Village.

“It was one of those elections where no one knew what was going to happen, but as far as we’re concerned we’ll continue to work for the benefit of the people of Trafford,” Cllr Bowker added.

Here is a break down of last week’s local election results, recorded ward by ward.

Conservative Matthew Sephton 1,515
Conservative Michael Young 1,371
Labour Aidan Williams 823
Labour Waseem Hassan 584
Green Nick Davies 447
Green Caroline Robertson-Brown 347
Liberal Democrat Julian Newgrosh 322
Liberal Democrat Martin Elliott 251

Ashton on Mersey
Conservative John Lamb 1,505
Labour Luckson Francis-Augustine 877
Green Nick Robertson-Brown 431
Liberal Democrat Chris Marritt 167

Conservative Karen Barclay 2,042
Labour Thomas Hague 428
Green Bridget Green 273
Liberal Democrat Kirstie Davidson 197

Labour Louise Dagnall 1,660
Conservative Jacki Wilkinson 1,431
UKIP Ron George 413
Green Sara Ahsan 191
Lib Dem William Jones 129

Conservative Pam Dixon 1,627
Labour Mike Green 1,052
Green Joe Ryan 286
Lib Dem James Eisen 200

Labour Karina Carter 1,054
Conservative Stephen Anstee 623
Green Daniel Wadsworth 253
Lib Dem Roger Legge 58

Labour Sophie Taylor 2,206
Conservative Matthew Westbrook 401
Green Asha Thomas 246
Lib Dem Louise Bird 81

Davyhulme East
Conservative Mike Cornes 1,256
Labour Anna Booth 973
UKIP Paul Pickford 509
Green Jennie Wadsworth 134
Liberal Democrat Graham Rogers 63
Socialist Labour Jim Flannery 41

Davyhulme West
Conservative June Reilly 1,247
Labour George Devlin 1,164
UKIP Paul Regan 557
Green Luka Knezevic 114
Liberal Democrat Elizabeth Hogg 54


Conservative Viv Ward 1,427
Labour Ged Carter 1,388
UKIP Chris Frost 610
Green Alison Cavanagh 188
Liberal Democrat Kirsty Cullen 86

Gorse Hill
Labour David Acton 1,666
Conservative Mark Cawdrey 496
Green Nigel Woodcock 346
Lib Dem Renee Matthews 111

Hale Barns
Conservative Dylan Butt 1,911
Labour Co-op Barbara Twiney 395
UKIP Andrew Weighell 335
Liberal Democrat Sandra Taylor 204
Green Daniel Jerome 133

Hale Central
Conservative Alan Mitchell 1,646
Labour Co-op Beverley Harrison 647
Green Samuel Little 325
Liberal Democrat Craig Birtwistle 221

Labour David Jarman 2,003
Conservative James Heywood 603
Green Margaret Westbrook 553
Liberal Democrat Dawn Carberry-Power 135

Labour Jane Baugh 1,609
Conservative Daniel Critchlow 857
Green Mark Hamer 322
Liberal Democrat Michael Macdonald 210

Sale Moor
Labour Philip Gratrix 1,217
Conservative Michael Parris 772
UKIP Barry Higgs 408
Green Paul Bayliss 202
Liberal Democrat Kenneth Clarke 98

St Mary's
Conservative Rob Chilton 1,617
Labour James Wright 1,206
UKIP John Walsh 404
Green Phil Kilburn 134
Liberal Democrat Pauline Cliff 105

Labour Dolores O'Sullivan 1,718
Conservative Colin Hooley 674
Green Liz O'Neill 471
Liberal Democrat David Martin 100

Conservative Nathan Evans 1,419
Liberal Democrat Neil Taylor 1,363
Labour Majella Dalton-Bartley 622
Green Jadwiga Leigh 253

Labour Kevin Procter 1,327
Conservative Christine Turner 1,175
UKIP Peter Killick 608
Green Geraldine Coggins 214
Liberal Democrat Wayne Harrison 69

Liberal Democrat Tony Fishwick 1,087
Conservative Andy Iredale 971
Labour Tony O'Brien 662
Green Michael Leigh 258