MUSIC-lover Andy Darbyshire has come to the rescue of three songwriters who are heading for their beloved Scotland.

The trio – all musicians who call themselves artPACKT – are on tour en route to their homeland and were anxious to find venues for their act.

That’s why Andy contacted them after reading their plea for help on Facebook.

And on Friday, May 30, the trio will be performing at a gig at Timperley Taverners, starting at 8.30pm and ending after midnight.

Admission is free, courtesy of Andy, who is a member of a folk club that meets at the Taverners. But those who attend will be invited to make donations to help the musicians with accommodation and travelling expenses on their Working out of Town tour.

“They really are talented,” said Andy, “and I promise anyone who attends will not be disappointed.”

Andy, the organiser of Respect for Artists, added: “One of them, Rosie Bans, who plays the keyboards, has just released a disc called ‘Be Bold’ and, no doubt, she will be singing it on the night.”

The other two members of the trio are Rosie’s partner, guitarist Mike Nisbet, and Anna MacDonald, another guitarist.

Each will perform individually and then they will unite to perform as a trio.

“We’ll be doing a jam session on the night,” said Rosie, “and we will be inviting other musicians and singers to join us on stage.”

She added: “The three of us live in London but we are determined to perform in Scotland, starting in Glasgow on June 7.

“But we owe Andy a big vote of thanks for helping us and I promise we won’t let him or our audience down on the night.