FOOTBALL mad Chris Smith has begun the arduous task of recreating all of the 92 football league grounds out of lego bricks.

The 31-year-old who lives on Ashfield Road, Altrincham, has so far completed Merseyside grounds Goodison Park and Anfield as well as Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park.

The Crystal Palace fan, who has also been asked to recreate Wembley as part of an exhibition for the national stadium, hopes to move on to something a bit closer to home in the near future.

Chris said: “Someone from Altrincham got in touch to say I should do their ground and I have to be honest, I’m putting off doing Old Trafford purely because I’m scared about how difficult it’s going to be, the same goes for the Etihad.”

He added: “I suppose that’s the appeal of it though, the challenge. I’m aiming to build one a week but even then it could take about two years.”

The former primary school teacher initially began building football stadiums using lego when he could not find anything of the sort already available and is now in the process of turning his passions for football and lego in to a business.

“I was very lucky as I got some funding from the government to start up my business but I still help out with the Sale West Play Schemes through Trafford Council during the school holidays, which is something I really enjoy.”

Football fans can buy the stadiums for £329.99 from the website