NEW timetables come in from May 18 and for the Mid Cheshire line there is a timetable change for many trains in the Manchester-bound direction.

From Chester Station some of the trains will run five minutes earlier than previously.

All trains from the 0804 to the 1704 from Chester will now be leaving at 0759 and every hour until the 1659 (Monday to Saturday).

They will still take the same length of time as before, so will be arriving into Piccadilly five minutes earlier at 30 minutes past.

This change continues through to the 1704 becoming a 1659, but thereafter the trains from 1804 onwards stay as they were.

Also the first Sunday train from Chester will call additionally at Lostock Gralam and Ashley stations (eg it will now call at all stations).

Check the new timetable (number 17) dated from May 18 before travel otherwise passengers may find that their train has left five minutes earlier than they were expecting.

Further details regarding train times can be found at:,,