GRAHAM Brady was one of 34 Conservative MPs who rebelled against the Government in a vote on HS2.

Following a six and a half hour Parliamentary debate last Monday, Mr Brady voted in favour of an amendment which argued the Bill should be blocked because the case for HS2 was ‘unconvincing’.

The Altrincham and Sale West MP, who has previously stated he is in favour of HS2 in principle, but would not vote in favour of it unless changes were made to the current proposed routes, which affects homes and land in Warburton and Hale Barns.

Mr Brady said: “Although technically the Bill relates only to the proposed route between London and Birmingham, I am very concerned about the blight faced by my constituents in Warburton and Hale Barns and the absence of a suitable compensation scheme.

“I therefore voted for the amendment and withheld my support for the Bill in order to put a marker down and to demonstrate to my constituents that I will continue to fight for the best possible outcome.”

The rebellion, organised by ex-Tory minister Cheryl Gillan, was defeated by 451 votes to 50.

Marion McNaughton, chairman of the Warburton HS2 Action Group, said: "We have had regular meetings and correspondence with Graham Brady and are assured that he will continue to press the Government for the removal of the now-redundant spur to the West Coast Main Line which threatens to destroy our village.

“We note that David Mowat, our neighbouring MP in Heatley and Lymm, is of the same opinion and voiced his concerns forcefully in the Commons debate on the Hybrid Bill".