A JAM making dynasty from Altrincham is offering people the chance to get their hands on a piece of First World War history.

The lifesaving Lifeguard Periscope was invented by Edgar Duerr, a second generation member of the leading business family and thousands were used by soldiers on the Western Front.

The original device was manufactured at the company’s Old Trafford factory and to mark the centenary of the outbreak of WWI 100 replicas have been produced by the firm for collectors to buy.

A donation of 25 per cent from every sale will go towards helping the servicemen of today - boosting the funds of the Royal British Legion.

Tony Duerr, chairman of Duerr’s and great nephew of Edgar Duerr said: “Edgar Duerr’s innovation symbolised the spirit of bravery and innovation that defined the war fought in the trenches.

"A simple solution meant frontline soldiers were handed a lifeline, able to effectively stick their heads above the parapet to battle fearlessly to secure victory.

“Through this limited re-release we wanted to pay tribute to the valour and resourcefulness of the time while we do what we can to raise money for those who selflessly continue to defend us today.”

The importance of the Lifeguard Periscope in the First World War has been recognised by the Imperial War Museum in both London and Trafford Park, with original devices forming part of their collections.

* The periscope is available for £65 from duerrs.co.uk.