ADLINGTON Morris Men are going back to their roots as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations.

They were formed in 1964 to learn and perform the Rapper Sword Dances of the north east of England and initially practised in the crypt of St David’s, Grove Lane, Hale, then later in the vestry of St. Paul’s in Hale Barns, before moving practice sessions to Adlington.

Their first public display was at the Bull’s Head, Wicker Lane, Hale Barns and they are returning there on May 6 at 8:00 pm to mark the beginning of their golden anniversary celebrations.

Back in 1964 there were only a few dozen Morris sides in the whole of the UK; since then there has been a steady growth in the popularity of morris dancing and there are now more than 780 Morris sides in the UK with many more overseas.

The Adlington Morris Men went on to learn, and specialise in, the ‘Cotswold style’ of morris dancing, the ones with the sticks and hankies.

During spring and summer months the morris men can be seen out and about outside local pubs, and at Folk Festivals, garden parties and weddings. They regularly give some 30 public performances each year with demand for displays outstripping supply.

Adlington Morris Men draw their membership from a wide area across East Cheshire and South Manchester with regular practices on Tuesday evenings from 8-30 pm until 10-00 pm. Contact them at or phone 01625 827988 to arrange a free ‘morris taster session’ or just come along to any of their displays and enjoy the fun.