A FLIXTON woman was awarded £16,000 in compensation in an out of court settlement against her Urmston dentist.

Lorraine Campbell, 44, sued Dr Leslie Smith, who practiced at the now defunct Gental Dental Care, formerly at 436 Flixton Road, after discovering she was given three defective crowns.


Two of the crowns had to be replaced because they did not fit properly, one of which also became badly infected.

Lorraine has since been told Dr Smith fitted one of the crowns without good medical reason, so she will now need regular replacements.

One of Lorraine’s teeth had to be taken out when the crown fractured and she will have to have an implant-supported crown fitted to replace it.

Lorraine registered with Dr Smith in 1982 and was his patient for 26 years.

She said: “I went for regular check-ups, followed all his advice and agreed to treatments he assured me were absolutely necessary,” she said.

Dr Smith fitted one of the crowns in 1991 and two in 2005.

Prior to fitting the first crown in 1991, Dr Smith performed root canal on Lorraine, but did not fill the canals properly and should have considered remedial treatment instead of a crown.

According to the dental negligence specialists who took on Lorraine’s case – the Dental Law Partnership (DLP) – if Dr Smith had properly analysed X-rays before fitting the crown, he would have known there were other options available.

The crown was found to be defective in 2004, but was never repaired by Dr Smith.

Lorraine said Dr Smith fitted two more crowns in 2005 ‘but they just didn’t sit well’ and after seeking a second opinion, she was told both new crowns were ill-fitting.

Lorraine said: “I’m still shocked he let me down so badly and didn’t do anything about it when he could have.

“I’m just glad my case has come to an end now so I can move forward with my life.”

Dr Smith did not admit liability.

A spokesman for the Dental Treatment Centre, which is now based at 436 Flixton Road, said: "The Dental Treatment Centre was purchased by the new owner Mr Nadeem Arif in 2008, previously the dental surgery was known as Gentle Dental Care which was owned by Mr.Smith."