A FLIXTON school’s commitment to sport has received the stamp of approval from a VIP guest.

Baroness Sue Campbell, the chairman Youth Sport Trust (YST), called into Flixton Girls School (FGS) this week.

Her visit came as the Trafford school announced its commitment to Sporting Promise, a new YST initiative which aims to encourage participation in PE and school sport from the grass roots up.

Greeting Baroness Sue Campbell - who has been named as one of the top 100 most influential women in the UK - were deputy head Lisa Fathers and the school’s young ambassadors.

They enjoyed a question and answer session with the Baroness before providing her with a tour of the school and a sample of PE lessons.

Baroness Campbell then gave staff a presentation on sport and healthy lifestyles.

“We were delighted to welcome such a prestigious and inspirational lady to the school,” said Lisa.

“We are committed to building on the strong sporting legacy of FGS and Manchester itself and are passionate about using the Sporting Promise message to help young people get engaged in physical activity, so it was a real bonus have Baroness Campbell visit our PE lessons and speak to the girls about the value of sport.

“Our Q&A session with Baroness Campbell was great,” added Year 11 student Megan Killen.

“She was really friendly and encouraging - and after meeting her, we all wanted to get straight onto the playing field!”

“This is a school that is really helping to enhance the message of sport,” said Baroness Campbell.

“The PE lessons I watched were diverse and involving and FGS has a wide array of extra curricular activities to help its students welcome sport into their everyday lives.

“These things, coupled with some brilliant sporting guests in the last 12 months, show that FGS is 100 per cent behind sustaining sporting activity throughout, and beyond, school life.”