WATER firm, United Utilities is investing £700,000 in the health of Greater Manchester’s rivers, with £23,000 going to Trafford, Manchester, Salford and Tameside.

A new fund, ‘catchment wise’ will provide the money, which has kick-started 11 North West projects.

The cash will be spent on improving wildlife habitats, reducing pollution, and raising the ecological status of various water sources. Money will be pumped into communities, where locals will work in ‘groundwork’ teams.

A group in Wigan is currently setting out a long-term programme of actions for the usage of their investment.

Paul Henbrey, United Utilities’ wastewater non-infrastructure strategy manager said: “This is a completely different way of doing things which recognizes that we can play a part in improving rivers and coastal waters beyond just pouring concrete at our own sewage works.”