ST Ambrose College music teacher Catherine Cutler will be leading the runners in the Manchester Marathon on April 6 in a merry dance as she raises money for St Mary's Hospital.

The 27-year-old flautist and choir leader at the Hale Barns Catholic College is running to thank the hospital for saving the life of her son, Nick, who is now 15-months-old but was born with the debilitating birth defect gastroschisis.

Catherine explained: “After our 12 week scan we discovered that Nick's intestines were on the outside of his body. It's a very serious condition and one in four babies don't survive, but the hospital looked after us wonderfully, through the pregnancy and then when Nick was born performing a six hour operation to put his intestines back inside his body and placing him straight in the high dependency unit.

“It was a tough time. Especially when I had to leave the hospital and Nick after three days, but we came in day after day and were treated with great compassion, warmth and intelligence by the wonderful doctors and nursing staff.

“Nick is a record breaker. He should have been in for four months, but instead was out after 18 days and after two check ups he has now been given a full bill of health and is a normal toddler with just a tiny scar on his belly and false belly button.

“I am running to thank St. Mary's who saved his life and gave us hope.” If you would like to sponsor Catherine go to