WHEN James Laver leaves his desk at Omni, Altrincham where he works as a recruitment sourcing consultant, he doesn’t head home to Hale - but runs 18 to 20 miles.

The 23-year-old, who is training for the Greater Manchester Marathon on Sunda , said: “The pain I have had to go through is unbelievable, When I get home I try to eat a bowl of pasta but my hips ache and I am exhausted.”

After three months of training, he believes the pain is worth it.

At first he decided to do it because his friend bet he couldn’t. Then his mother’s best friend, Sheila Smith, who was 56, died unexpectedly from complications resulting from brittle diabetes.

“I was quite close to her and my sister and I used to hang out with her children when we were kids.

“So, I decided to run for Diabetes UK.

“I hope to finish the 26.2 miles in four hours. It will be a massive accomplishment if I can.

“Up to now I have been running alone but on the day there will be lots of people to spur me on.

“I felt nervous a week ago but I know I can do it physically now. I am excited. It will be a good day.”

The marathon will commence at 9 am in Old Trafford and proceed through Sale, Altrincham, Carrington, Urmston, and back to Old Trafford James has already raised more than £500 for the charity but hopes to raise more.

To donate, visit www.justgiving.com/jameslaver